What to Do for Happy Married Life?

Married Life is really essential to be happy. But Happy Married life depends on various facts. Sometimes married life get stuck by some unreal obdiruty. So, people should realize what should do or what should do not just after getting married. Married and Unmarried life has a far distance. Before getting married all the people should learn about them to be fair in life.
Suggestions for Unmarried People:
  • Always try to make yourself handsome.
  • Never try to propose other girl in front of your wife.
  • Never praise any beautiful girl in front of your wife.
  • Always try to make your wife happy.
  • Don't keep always sextual mood with your wife.
  • Try to be more cordial with her.
  • Sometimes, go abroad with your family members.
  • Build a strong relationship & trust with your wife.
  • Dont share your past personal moments with her.
  • Dont ask her something that is embarrassing for her.
  • Be Smart! Be Punctual & Active while you're on family.